Nokia Bounce Game Cheats Codes Tips and Tricks

Nokia Bounce Game Cheats Codes Tips and Tricks

I am sick of hitting my ball into spikes, poles and all other stuff in the game. It doesn’t matter how much I control my ball. I don’t want to leave this wonderful game just because I cant play it I love this game. If you have such question in your mind about Nokia’s another Wonderful game Bounce don’t worry any more because I am gonna tell a great cheat of this game that you can play easily and no need to be frustrated or being too careful about the balance and speed of the ball.

First of all go to games and run Bounce. While in the game type 787898 BANG!!!

You will hear a sound, that means that your cheat is activated. Now your bounce ball is invincible take it where ever you want it wont gonna blast.

Note: Don’t pause the game while entering the code just type it while your are playing the game.

This is a step by step list.

  1. New Game
  2. While Running
  3. Type 787898
  4. Bang! Sound
  5. Done!

Tested On: 1600,2310,1208,1650,3100,6100,7250.

If your have any question please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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  1. MAYUR.SIDD says

    I used nokia-6600 and download bounce for my phone but any singal code. Not work . .So plz help me i had try 787899. .Plz help me. .?

  2. Lewis Andrei Dela Cruz says

    why it doesn’t works on my nokia n70?the cheat won’t works?

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