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Nokia Rapid Roll Game Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tricks

Nokia Rapid Roll Game Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tricks

We Still Can’t Find any real working Cheats for Rapid Roll Cheats. If any one have working rapid roll cheats please share via comments.

Thank You

screenshot101We Have received some cheats by users. Please Check and let us know if they work or not. Thank You

  1. Hold 7
  2. Press 97280

And once you fall your life won’t decrease.

If he first cheat do not work try this one. Start the game then pause then press 56931425023549 and when you hear a sound the cheat is activated.

Many users with older phones including us has confirmed these cheats are working for the older phones, users who are having trouble activating them please keep in mind that these cheats will not work at all in newer phones or with any version of Rapid Roll game other than the original S40 games Rapid Roll.

If  you have and questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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  • Human

    how to reset Nokia rapid roll high score??

  • Guest

    nokia 1280 po ano po ang cheat doon ng rapidroll pari na rin po ang bounce

  • awawaw

    ano cheat

  • Cdzcrazy

     cheat in rapid roll in my 1202 model nokia please>?

    • http://repair-mobiles.com/ Mobile Saaqi

      Start the game then press quickly

  • ME

    cheat in rapid roll in my 1280 model nokia please ?
    please ?

  • smf

    I need nokia 1616-2 rapid roll cheat.
    pls send me quk.

  • shivam

    how to stop cheat code

  • sittie ainah c. amer

    bakit wala ang cheat sa rapid roll

  • Mark William

    Start the game then press quickly


    And you will hear a ” BANG! ”

    To deactivate just pause and continue the game

  • john gabriel


  • Kulubot jagger

    How to remove the cheat ? so i can record my score. ?/?????

    • http://www.saaqi.com Saqib Islam

      restart your game

  • Basir Kusain

    Ayaw mag gana busit tlaga b. Pan0. Hold ag 7

  • Ren

    1.press newgame then press 5#12 then your life cant be minus this is true!!!try this at nokia

  • mit

    how to stop it?

    • http://www.saaqi.com Saqib Islam

      Restart the game

      • Godsdevil0125

         what is the cheat in rapid roll on nokia 1600

  • daniel

    hi.how this code :(*#12) gets inactive?

  • bert

    1280 nokia rapid roll hack?

  • adasdas


  • scythr

    pano poh!


  • puchu

    your cheat does not working……….

    • http://www.saaqi.com Saqib Islam

      These are not my cheats my friend and they work for some people so it might be you are not applying them correctly

  • clarence

    its working

  • Thunder

    1. wait for start game
    2. press *, #, 1, 2, 3 very fast
    3. then done!!!

    • Thothy

      Thanks!!!!!!! Thunder

  • mohit

    what working

  • noy noy aquino

    how to press “?

  • adik

    panu cheat s 1616-2


  • p[q3kr5p

    hold mo # Hold 1 AND 2

    • NVMname

      thanks man…

  • reyna

    arui!!!!!!!!!!! parang keme keme lang naman!!!!!!!! unlimited life lang meron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yash narayan

    tell me the cheat codes nokia 1661 rapid roll game

  • rieucka

    @gago tae mo

  • rieucka

    the 1280 bounce and rapid
    its work tnx ure cheat m

  • rieucka

    tahahaha its work

  • prakhar maheshwari

    i want to know abt the right cheat of rapid roll
    i hve a 1661 nokia set
    pls send me that as soon as possible……………..

  • secret

    @Jake Long
    how to press ” ” at the keypad

  • Fahad

    for u kind kind information the game didnt stop……… sooooooo ffunny pause

  • brave

    i will try this and meke my brother proud of me..he he he

  • susan

    hello i play rapid roll on my nans games i got the high score 4 100000 it toook me hours but it was worth it can u give me a prize to see n-dubz

  • honda

    they dont work in nokia 1208

  • Jake Long

    While “Ready” press ” *” “#” “1″ “2″ quickly

  • TuRtLe

    not working to me…. =(
    how long to hold the 7?

  • gago tae mo

    ayaw gumana hayop!

  • http://google.com arslannaeem

    yes they work

  • http://repair-mobiles.com RAVI

    Nokia Rapid Roll Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tricks