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Nokia Mobile Phones Repairing Page. Repairing solution diagrams for Nokia mobile phones can be found on this page.

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To get repairing solutions for your required mobile phone click on the name or the picture of that mobile phone. You will be taken to a new page where you will find the available repairing solutions for that phone.

Nokia Lumia Series

Nokia Lumia 510 Repairing Solutions
Lumia 510

Nokia Series

Nokia 110 Repairing Solutions
Nokia 111 Repairing Solutions
Nokia 500 Repairing Solutions
Nokia 5250 Repairing Solutions
Nokia C1-01 Repairing Solutions
Nokia 5233 Repairing Solutions

Nokia N and E Series

Nokia N8 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N70 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N72 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N73 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N80 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N82 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N91 Repairing Solutions
Nokia N95 Repairing Solutions
Nokia e65 Repairing Solutions
Nokia E71 Repairing Solutions

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  1. disqus_f3iAkrayby says

    i had dropped my nokia n86, the display had gone but music was still playing. when i rebooted it didn’t boot. the vibrator vibrator vibrates for few seconds bt nothing happens. What might have happen? plz giv me a solution a.s.a.p…….

  2. JASS says

    @2ee916d60ca3c76f53ae29460ac9467a:disqus first of all a lot of thx for this amezing website.
    bro i have nokia n97 mini ,when m start video camera(nothing show while m start video camera) phone will hang or restart……………
    but when i m start camera in image mode camera works normal ..and capture images..
    after this pro i flashed my phone 2 time from mobile shops but video camera dosnt still work
    hope u can find the solution.
    thx in advanced bro :)

  3. Neville says

    Hi my mobile (nokia 5130 XM) can’t access the memory card (micro sd 2gb) I tried it on several mobiles and it didn’t access either what can i do?

  4. kkumar says

    my nokia5130c2 phone is ok but display is in white screen i changed other display it also in white screen pls give me solution

    • says

      Sometimes bad memory card connection of corrupted memory card cause this problem. Turn of the phone remove the memory card and sim card then turn it on. If problem remains try to flash it.

    • says

      If your phone is water damaged. First you need to do is remove your phone’s battery memory card sim every thing. Then dissemble it.
      Then wash it when a cleaning liquid like carbon tetra chloride(CTC) or WD-40 or any other cleaning fluid you may have.
      Heat it up really well and make it dry with heat gun you can use Hair dresser. If you don’t have it then put it under a bulb.
      Best of Luck

  5. عمران عباس says

    Sir i really c5-00-2 nokia..plz give me a diagrams of all the resistor.capactor.near u.e.m.i accidentally take off some of them.result to no power.

    • says

      Hello Imran Abbas,
      If you could draw a picture of your phone and send it to me, Maybe I can tell you which is what. Without actual information it’s like flying blind. You can also check Nokia C5-00 Repairing Solutions to get some solution check all the images in the solutions maybe you’ll find the area you are looking for in them.

  6. samuel taylor says

    my problem is my phone is giving me net work fault,its comes and go often what should i do

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