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Nokia Pocket Carrom Game Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tricks

Nokia Nokia Pocket Carrom Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tricks

Here is another cheat for another amazing game in Nokia Phones. Pocket Carrom is one of my personal favorite game in mobiles.

First of all run the game while playing the game when its your turn Press “Button 5” to start aiming option. When you will push the button you will see that thee is cross sign in the middle of screen like ‘+’ this this is your aiming point. Now hold “Button 4” and when its near to the left edge of the screen release “Button 4” and push “Button 7”. All of your pieces including Queen will disappear which are actually in pockets. Shot anywhere you want and you will see a message you win on your screen. That’s All you can win the game where ever you want.

Note: If cheat don’t work properly don’t get panic. Just quit the game, start a new game and keep it up until it works. Normally cheat is activated after almost 6 New Games.
This is a step by step list.

  1. New Game
  2. On Your Turn
  3. Hold 4
  4. Release 4 and Instantly Press 7
  5. Done!

Tested On: 1110,1110i,1112

If your have any question please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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  • Revenge

    sometimes… it cant work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i test it in many times

    • http://www.saaqi.com Saqib Islam

      It works after a few tries try quit start try again once it starts working it goes on till the end of the game

  • gideon evan

    you can call me… my cell no. 09128842251

  • imtu

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  • commentor

    Let me test it… my phone is nokia 1112