Samsung Mobile Phones Repairing Page

Samsung Mobile Phones Repairing Page. Repairing solution diagrams for Samsung mobile phones can be found on this page.

To get repairing solutions for your required mobile phone click on the name or the picture of that mobile phone. You will be taken to a new page where you will find the available repairing solutions for that phone.

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  1. Pawan Yadav says

    sir,I’m unable to turn on my mobile, actually I’m trying to restore my phone but its failed nd now its not working any more… pls help

  2. Ashim Biswas says

    My Samsung mobile model GT-C3530 (Display Light white but not  Picture and others OK). Please help

  3. muksh says

    i have samsung X100 mobile phone dishplay is not warking new dishplay not ovelibal in marcet plecsh your gayad rpering mobaile…..

  4. says

    If your phone is water damaged. First you need to do is remove your phones battery memory card sim every thing. Then dissemble it.
    Then wash it when a cleaning liquid like carbon tetra chloride(CTC) or WD-40 or any other cleaning fluid you may have.
    Heat it up really well and make it dry with heat gun you can use Hair dresser. If you don’t have it then put it on tube light.
    Best of Luck

  5. Amit says

    My Samsung mobile model GT-C3222 (DUOS) suddenly got dead. Now not able to switch it on. please help

  6. vaibhav says

    sir i have samsung gt c5010 it was droped in water now working good,but prob is that some times it shows full network some time no network.
    please help me

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